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Mark and Ali

With our love for the outdoors and all the beauty that nature brings we have found something we enjoy doing together. The process of creating our boxes starts with finding the best and most beautiful wood in it’s natural state. Mark then creates all of the fabulous designs with his precision and his attention to detail. We both love sanding the wood and seeing all of the beauty each piece has when finished. The staining really puts our piece in a whole new light and we both get so excited to see the final piece of art. Now its time to plant the boxes. We grow all of our own succulents and each one is more spectacular than the next, also with the candles lit at night the boxes really show the grain in the wood and the beauty of the plants. We can customize any box with any amount of candle holes and plant holes. Please let us know what we can create for you.

We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we do !!

Mark and Ali

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Mark and Ali

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Please call or email us today with any questions. Remember any box canĀ  be customized to what works for you.

Mark and Ali (805) 217-4936

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